Research articles:


  • The bacterial replisome has factory-like localization
    Sarah M. Mangiameli, Julie A. Cass, Houra Merrikh and Paul A. Wiggins
    Current Genetics.

  • T6SS dynamics reveals a novel secretion mechanism in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    Jacqueline Corbitt, Jun Seok Yeo, C. Ian Davis, Michele LeRoux and Paul A. Wiggins
    Journal of Bacteriology 200 (7), JB.00744-17.

  • Strong disorder leads to scale invariance in complex biological systems
    Stella Stylianidou, Thomas J. Lampo, Andrew J. Spakowitz, and Paul A. Wiggins
    Physical Review E.


  • Transcription leads to pervasive replisome instability in bacteria
    Sarah M. Mangiameli, Christopher N. Merrikh, Paul A. Wiggins and Houra Merrikh
    eLife 6, e19848.

  • The replisomes remain spatially proximal throughout the cell cycle in bacteria
    Sarah M. Mangiameli, Brian T. Veit, Houra Merrikh and Paul A. Wiggins
    PLoS Genetics 13 (1), e1006582.

  • Cytoplasmic RNA-protein particles exhibit non-Gaussian subdiffusive behavior
    Thomas J. Lampo, Stella Stylianidou, Mikael P. Backlund, Paul A. Wiggins and Andrew J. Spakowitz.
    Biophysical Journal 112(3):532–542

      Featured as New and Notable with commentary:
      Gaussianity Fair: The Riddle of Anomalous yet Non-Gaussian Diffusion
      Ralf Metzler, Biophysical Journal 112(3):413-415

    • Probing bacterial cell biology using image cytometry
      Julie A. Cass, Stella Stylianidou, Nathan J. Kuwada, Beth Traxler and Paul A. Wiggins.
      Molecular Microbiology, 103(5): 818–828.


    • SuperSegger: robust image segmentation, analysis and lineage tracking of bacterial cells
      Stella Stylianidou, Connor Brennan, Sila B. Nissen, Nathan J. Kuwada and Paul A. Wiggins.
      Molecular Microbiology, 102(4): 690–700.

  • Escherichia coli chromosomal loci segregate from midcell with universal dynamics
    Julie A. Cass, Nathan J. Kuwada, Beth Traxler and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Biophysical Journal, 110(12):2597 - 2609.


  • An information-based approach to change-point analysis with applications to biophysics and cell biology
    Paul A. Wiggins.
    Biophysical Journal 109(2):346-354

  • High-throughput cell-cycle imaging opens new doors for discovery
    Nathan J. Kuwada, Beth Traxler, and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Current Genetics 1-4

  • Kin cell lysis is a danger signal that activates antibacterial pathways of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    Michele LeRoux, Robin L. Kirkpatrick, Elena I. Montauti, Bao Q. Tran, S. Brook Peterson, Brittany N. Harding, John C. Whitney, Alistair B. Russell, Beth Traxler, Young Ah Goo, David R. Goodlett, Paul A. Wiggins, and Joseph D. Mougous.
    eLife 2015;4:e05701

  • Physical modeling of chromosome segregation in Escherichia coli reveals impact of force and DNA relaxation
    Thomas J. Lampo, Nathan J. Kuwada, Paul A. Wiggins, and Andrew J. Spakowitz.
    Biophysical Journal 108(1):146-153

      Featured as New and Notable with commentary:
      The Ghost in the Machine: Is the Bacterial Chromosome a Phantom Chain?
      Jian Liu, Biophysical Journal 108(1):20-21

  • Genome-scale quantitative characterization of bacterial protein localization dynamics throughout the cell cycle
    Nathan J. Kuwada, Beth Traxler, and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Molecular Microbiology 95(1):64-79

      Online database for Localizome data can be found here.


  • Cytoplasmic dynamics reveals two modes of nucleoid-dependent mobility
    Stella Stylianidou, Nathan J. Kuwada, and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Biophysical Journal 107(11):2684-2692

  • RNA Mango aptamer-fluorophore: A bright, high-affinity complex for RNA labeling and tracking
    Elena V. Dolgosheina, Sunny CY Jeng, Shanker Shyam S. Panchapakesan, Razvan Cojocaru, Patrick SK Chen, Peter D. Wilson, Nancy Hawkins, Paul A. Wiggins, and Peter J. Unrau.
    ACS Chemical Biology

  • Unidirectional P-Body transport during the yeast cell cycle
    Cecilia Garmendia-Torres, Alexander Skupin, Sean A. Michael, Pekka Ruusuvuori, Nathan J. Kuwada, Didier Falconnet, Gregory A. Cary, Carl Hansen, Paul A. Wiggins, Aimée M. Dudley.
    PloS ONE 9(6):e99428

  • Persistent super-diffusive motion of Escherichia coli chromosomal loci
    Avelino Javer, Nathan J. Kuwada, Zhicheng Long, Vincenzo G. Benza, Kevin D. Dorfman, Paul A. Wiggins, Pietro Cicuta, and Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino.
    Nature Communications 5


  • c-di-GMP heterogeneity is generated by the chemotaxis machinery to regulate flagellar motility
    Bridget R. Kulasekara, Cassandra Kamischke, Hemantha D. Kulasekara, Matthias Christen, Paul A. Wiggins, Samuel I. Miller.
    eLife 2:e01402

  • Estimating podocyte number and density using a single histologic section.
    Manhusudan Venkatareddy, Su Wang, Yan Yang, Sanjeevkumar Patel, Larysa Wickman, Ryuzoh Nishizono, Mahboob Chowdhury, Jeffrey Hodgin, Paul A. Wiggins, and Roger C. Wiggins.
    Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 25:1118-1129

  • Mapping the driving forces of chromosome structure and segregation in Escherichia coli.
    Nathan J. Kuwada, Keith C. Cheveralls, Beth Traxler, and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Nucleic Acids Research 41:7370-7377

  • Diverse type VI secretion phospholipases are functionally plastic antibacterial effectors.
    Alistair B. Russell, Michele LeRoux, Kristina Hathazi, Danielle M. Agnello, Takahiko Ishikawa, Paul A. Wiggins, Sun Nyunt Wai, and Joseph D. Mougous.
    Nature 496:508-512

  • Calculator for conformational statistics of DNA and applications to high-curvature bending.
    Brian C. Ross and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Physical Review E 87:032707.


  • Quantitative single-cell characterization of bacterial interactions reveals type VI secretion is a double-edged sword.
    Michele LeRoux, Justin A. De Leon, Nathan J. Kuwada, Alistair B. Russell, Delia Pinto-Santini, Rachel D. Hood, Danielle M. Agnello, Stephen M. Robertson, Paul A. Wiggins, and Joseph D. Mougous.
    PNAS 109:19804-19809.

  • Multidisciplinary perspectives on bacterial genome organization and dynamics
    Remus T. Dame, Olivier Espéli, David C. Grainger, and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Molecular Microbiology 86:1023-1030.

  • A single-molecule Hershey-Chase experiment.
    David Van Valen, David Wu, Yi-Ju Chen, Hannah Tuson, Paul Wiggins, and Rob Phillips.
    Current Biology 22:1339-1343.

  • Measuring chromosome conformation with degenerate labels.
    Brian C. Ross and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Physical Review E 86:011918.

  • Surface sensing and lateral subcellular localization of WspA, the receptor in a chemosensory-like system leading to c-di-GMP production.
    Jennifer R. O'Connor, Nathan J. Kuwada, Varisa Huangyutitham, Paul A. Wiggins, and Caroline S. Harwood.
    Molecular Microbiology 86:720-729.

  • A model for Escherichia coli chromosome packaging supports transcription factor-induced DNA domain formation.
    Miriam Fritsche, Songling Li, Dieter W. Heermann, and Paul A. Wiggins.
    Nucleic Acids Research 40:972-980.


  • Normal and neoplastic nonstem cells can spontaneously convert to a stem-like state.
    ChristineL Chaffer, Ines Brueckmann, Christina Scheel, AliciaJ Kaestli, Paul A. Wiggins, Leonardo O. Rodrigues, Mary Brooks, Ferenc Reinhardt, Ying Su, Kornelia Polyak, Lisa M Arendt, Charlotte Kuper- wasser, Brian Bierie, and RobertA Weinberg.
    PNAS 108:1950-7955


  • Strong intranucleoid interactions organize the Escherichia coli chromosome into a nucleoid filament.
    Paul A. Wiggins, Keith C. Cheveralls, Joshua S. Martin, Robert Lintner, and Jan ́e Kondev.
    PNAS 107:4991-4995



  • Membrane shape as a reporter for applied forces. Lee HJ, Peterson EL, Phillips R, Klug WS, Wiggins PA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.


  • Mechanosensation in Mechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues 1: Mechanosensitive Ion Channels
    T. Ursell, J. Kondev, D. Reeves, P. Wiggins, and R. Phillips. The Role of Lipid Bilayer Mechanics in edited by A. Kamkin and I. Kiseleva, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Review.






  • Tidal Interactions Between a Fluid Star and a Kerr Black Hole in Circular Orbit
    P. Wiggins & D. Lai
    Astrophys. J.


  • Measuring the Elastic Modulus of Small Tissue Samples
    R.Q. Erkamp, P. Wiggins, A.R. Skovoroda, S.Y. Emelianov, & M. O'Donnell.
    Ultrasonic Imaging
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