Physics 122 D  Winter 2015

Paul A. Wiggins, Professor (Section D)

End is nigh!
Final exam is Monday.
Equation Sheet for Final
Study Materials.

Including midterms, solutions, final equation sheet & a list of what material you are responsible for.

Note:  CLICKERs and the 1st SmartPhysics lesson used on Day 1 !!

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Winter 122 Syllabus (html)  (pdf)
Grade Policy
Selected Emails I sent to Class
  1. You will need Tipler & Mosca, Volume 2 (the Custom UW edition at the bookstore).  The text is available electronically as well through th eWebAssign system.  When you pay for the homework, you have access to the text.  We use that often personally.  You also need Tutorials in Introductory Physics and the Lab Manuls.  Please print this out and check off as you acquire the items.
  2. Lectures will use Clickers  already on Day 1, so get one now if you don't already have one. 
  3. You will need to sign up for SmartPhysics .  Follow this procedure please.   It requires an online registration first, followed by "joining" 122D. (Not 122A or 122C. DON'T confuse these.)
    • SmartPhysics is a series of lessons (Prelectures) and questions (Checkpoints) that you complete prior to most lectures.  It is a fantastially useful system that we have tested extensively here at UW.  Student feedback has been very very positive.  The Lectures will be wrapped around most of the SP lessons, your answers, your explanations, and so on. 
    • The SmartPhysics system also provides homework problems; many are interactive and allow you to work with hints and other modern online tools.  You have access to these homework lessons as purely optional materials for you.  You do not have to do any of them, but they provide extra practice problems with feedback and these problems are quite appropriate to the material we are presenting. 
  1. You need to sign up for WebAssign for our actual, graded homeworks.   The WebAssign homeworks will be due weekly.
  2. See the What to Buy for Lab and Tutorial items. 

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